Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Weekly Blockheads

Are you keeping up with the weekly Blockheads pattern release?! I had no idea when I started this project how much fun it was going to be! I have tried some new techniques, enjoyed a few challenges, and practiced making favourite blocks. 
This is block #11 called Lisa's Star - click here for the link to the pattern.

This was a particularly rewarding block for me to sew. 
I must have muttered "I love this block" 10 times while I was making it. 
I'm telling you, I was totally in my happy place! I carefully cut everything and squared down each unit at every step of the construction and it's perfect! Just look at how small these adorable little pieces are!!  It's totally ridiculous how happy this makes me... and also a little concerning! LOL

Here are all the blocks together on the design wall. This will be a very interesting sampler quilt!
What will the Moda designers have us sewing this week?


  1. I'm not concerned at all. In my world, you are perfectly normal!!!! Very cute block! I love all those little pieces too.

  2. I laughed as you told about muttering how you love this block. We should form a society for "lovers of small pieces"! : )
    It is a great looking block.

  3. Nice to enjoy the cutting and piecing! The Blocks look great together.

  4. I like the color choice. Would love to see the pressing from the back :) Thank you.

  5. I love this block Kathy!
    Your quilt is going to be awesome.

  6. I love the way it looks for sure! Not so sure if I would love to sew it. Those are some teeny tiny pieces!

  7. Iam njoying looking at all your fabrics going together. Beautiful colours.

  8. It's going to be a very fun quilt.